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"Gems of Truth And Beauty", Rev. Charles C. Albertson. 1888 Chicago.

Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company the book is selection of The Sermons and Addresses of Talmage, Beecher, Moody, Spurgeon, Guthrie and Parker.The introduction was written by Henry Ridgaway of Evanston, Ill.There are pictures signed by H. Spurgeon (1857),Talmage(1887),Beecher (1884)and a picture of The Grand Pacific Hotel and note signed in November, 1888 by Rev. Albertson. Other illustrations in the book include:Christ in the Temple, The Gleaners, The First Mourners, Marguerite, Goddess of Peace, John Comforting the mother of Jesus, "Always Tell The Truth",Saul's Conversation, The Last Gladiatorial Contest, A TRagedy of the Sea, "I am the Way."Morning Prayer, Young Luther in the Cotta Family, Christ and the Adulteress, Mrs. Fry Reading to the Prisoners in Newgate,1816, Evening Prayer, Mary, Mother of Jesus,Christ to the Young Ruler, The prodigal Son- The Revel, Christ leaving the Practorium, Spring, Ruth and Naomi, Evening Hours, The Young David, The Bank Failnre, Christ at Gethsemane,Christ and the Fisherman, The Despair of Judas, St. Augustine and His Mother, Scene om the Jordan, and A Cherub Choir. At the very end of the book Rhodes illustrates his Audiophone that enabled the deaf to hear through the medium of the teeth.
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"Gems of Truth And Beauty", Rev. Charles C. Albertson, 1888 Chicago