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"Veda Slovenah", Stefan Verkovich. 1870, s-t Peterburg.

Dear Sirs, I'm Bulgarian, living in Sofia. Part of my herritage of the past is one Russian book, printed in 1870 in Petersburg, with ritual songs of Bulgarian muslims- mainly and exclusively christian songs. The name of this book is "Veda Slovenah" (Story of slovians) author is one of our first historical investigators. This book was printed in small number of copies and now may be on the world have not more than 5-6 pieces of them. I would like to sell this book to peoples that want to learn and study for slovians also for peoples that love unique books. If you have interest of this book, I will send some pictures and papers to prove the veracity and authenticity of this book. Sincerely yours G. Antonov
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"Veda Slovenah", Stefan Verkovich, 1870, s-t Peterburg